Sam Gawith Afterglow snuff 10gm

Light peppermint,moist, med/coarse.


Peppermint flavour 10gm content in dispenser

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Gauze Pipe Screens Singly

A device for supporting tobacco in a smoker's pipe. 'Tobacco lasts longer and tastes beter'. 'No soggy waste in the bowl'. For over a hundred years this clever little wire basket has enhanced the experience of pipe smokers.

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Peterson Kerry 606 Fishtail

The Kerry Series is a new entry level pipe addition to the 2018 collection. A dark chestnut stain is applied to 12 signature Peterson shapes. Each pipe is fitted with brass ring complete with a nickel inlay. A yellow and cream fishtail acrylic mouthpiece is fitted to create a classic Peterson pipe.

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harrow Menthol Finest Quality Filter Tips are made for us by Essentra - a world leader in filter tip production. The quality is un-rivalled and these filters should not be mistaken for the low quality alternatives made in the far reaches of some Eastern bloc countries and marketed by some of our rivals. Menthol Standard Tips are quite thick and infused...

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"President" is a dark and fairly moist produce that inherits a mentholated smell straight into the nostril. The menthol is recognisably strong and serves a pleasing sinus-clearing effect. A rich and soothing sensation that is long lasting and will serve the snuff result you were anticipating. A truly long lasting freshness.

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